Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up...

Blog? What's that?

I have a problem with letting things get away from me. And the longer I let it go, the harder it is to pick it back up. Currently it's this blog and the gym. The latter I'm not so sad about letting go, because well, it's the gym. This blog, however, is a pretty important outlet for me emotionally and I somehow seem to forget that.

Since I last wrote a lot of things have been going on. We started a new therapy with Joshua called CEASE and have already started seeing some results. He is becoming more and more sounds and a few words here and there. He is almost fully potty-trained. He is basically amazing and I'm so proud of him. I know we are close to a breakthrough and I am so ready.

Caleb turned three. He is probably the only child ever whose parents feel like he should be older than he is. When his birthdays come around, they feel late. Like he turned three six months ago. I haven't figured out what that means yet. I have figured out that he is the funniest three year old there ever was. Must be genetics.

I've mentioned Jodi over at Life and Oh-La-Dee-Dah a couple of times, but I've never told the whole story. Jodi and I were introduced via Facebook by a mutual friend (a million thanks to the one and only, Promise Lyn) just over two years ago. We are two months apart in age, we both married the same year, we both have two boys, and both of our oldest boys (also two months apart) are diagnosed with autism. Both are also considered non-verbal, or pre-verbal, as I prefer. Neither of us are graced with great social skills which is why I think it is sort of a miracle that we met the way we did. Meeting through a computer screen is much less stressful than meeting in person and you don't necessarily have to commit right away. I also feel like there is less of a chance of giving someone a bad first impression. So we embarked on the getting-to-know-you journey with less anxiety and therefore opened up pretty quickly. At any point one of us could have decided to simply not respond, but thankfully neither of us did. The Facebook messages became more frequent, then they turned into text messages every few days, which turned into text messages almost every day in some form. Sometimes we just shared laughs and the lighter side of life, others we vented about the really tough days, and still others we rejoiced together over our boys' victories. We discovered we were almost the same person in many ways, and I felt like my prayers for someone who understood what I was going through had been answered. I have amazing close friends and family who are the highest level of supportive, but there is a different type of understanding that comes with walking the same path. Sure, we were across the country from each other, but our day-to-day life experiences were drawing us together like old friends. Oh, wait...did I forget to mention the thing about being thousands of miles away?

I'm in Texas, she's in California. Which is why for two years we never met face to face. Until, finally, last week I managed to make it out to the west coast. The trip there was a much better experience than the trip home, but that's a different story for a different day. In a way I feel like our friendship flowed effortlessly into "real life"; she was exactly who I knew and expected her to be. No weird surprises to speak of. Except that she's much shorter than I thought, but that's not really her fault. She can have a pass on that one.

But in another way I feel like texting every day for five years couldn't have prepared me for what I discovered on this trip. This girl is going to be in my life for a very long time. If you've lived for a while then you know how hard it is to find friends who aren't just for a season, but for life. Even in this day and age it's still difficult for me to believe I could meet someone on the internet of all places and have that type of connection with them. But God is really great about doing things outside of our box to see if we will get on board. And I could not be more grateful that we both got on board for this. Apparently, not everyone online is a psycho with bags of hair in their closet (Fifty points for naming that movie reference).

Thanks, Jodi, for not ignoring this chance for friendship and for being such an awesome hostess when I came to visit. I mean, except for that bit where you waited until I left to break out the Oreos, but I can overlook that I guess. Seriously, I can't imagine how lonely this contending for my faith process would be if I didn't have you right beside me, reminding me not to settle. One of these days, our boys will be whole and healed and we'll have a book to write.