Monday, November 19, 2012

Month of Thanks (Week Three)

Joshua woke up with a fever Friday morning that lasted off and on for the rest of the day. It's Monday and the poor baby is still getting over whatever he had.  No fever, but he hasn't eaten or drank much and isn't doing a lot more than laying around.  I felt guilty for leaving (I had the final weekend of Ladies' Retreat to get to), but baby sitter extraordinaire, Meredith was here and Bobby wasn't far behind so I told myself they could give medicine as easily as I could and was on my way.  I also bought the coolest thermometer ever because a typical thermometer is out of the question for Joshua.  You just point it at the forehead and sweep the beam towards the temple like you're scanning groceries at the self-checkout and it gives you the temp. in three seconds!  I always feel a little robbed when I think about how it's almost 2013 and we still don't all drive hover crafts, but technology like that sort of makes up for it.

All of this leads me to being grateful so here is week three (actually eight days because there are 16 days left in November) of the Month of Thanks.

15.  Healthy children.  Although I realize that Joshua is not completely healthy, I do believe he will be one day, and as difficult as ASD is, we are blessed in that he doesn't have some of the behavior issues or other problems like seizures that many children on the Spectrum do.  He also isn't stuck in a hospital with Leukemia or some other (immediately) life-threatening disease so I can only be thankful for that.  And Caleb is one of the healthiest toddlers I've ever seen so that is a huge blessing as many families with one child on the Spectrum usually have more than one or more than one that is sick in some way.

16.  Football.  Bobby and I just bought tickets to the Longhorns' game on Thanksgiving Day as an anniversary gift to ourselves.  Since we got married November 25, our anniversary is somewhat overshadowed by the holidays and the last couple of years we just haven't been able to do much to celebrate.  So this year we decided to splurge a little and just do something we never give ourselves the time to do.  Not to mention, this is my first game and Bobby's first since he was a kid so we are really excited.  I'm thankful for something we both share the same love for and can enjoy together.

17.  Provision.  We were just able to pay off some bills that have been hanging over our heads for a while now and it feels awesome.  It's always nice when you get a little extra breathing room every month.

18.  America.  As angry as it can make me, everyone who was born here is blessed to have been.  Whenever it feels like it couldn't get worse, go look at some of the other countries you could live and how they run their government or treat their people.  It could be better here but it could also be much worse.  If you don't have rebels kidnapping your children and forcing them to become killers then I think you can be thankful you live in America.

19.  Indoor Plumbing.  I always name that one because I do not like the idea of no running water or using a hole in the ground as a toilet.

20.  Make-up.  Because Peveface needs some make-up to look presentable.

21.  Laughter.  It cures a multitude of ills.  So thankful for the people in my life that keep me laughing.

22.  Coffee.  It's the little things, right?

I'm so ready for Thursday to get here and to celebrate my sixth anniversary all weekend.  Did I forget to mention that Bobby's mom is taking the boys for a few days?  Yay for sitting around the house and doing nothing!  How are y'all spending your holidays?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Month of Thanks

Someone told me today that I needed to write something.  I mean, she basically forced me.  So, here I am, PJ's, laptop, and Funny Girl on the TV distracting me with her flare for the funny and fabulous.  I'm trying to think of everything that's happened since I last posted but because I have a flare for procrastination and forgetfulness, I'm not coming up with much.

Bobby's job got pushed back so he'll be here through the holidays which is awesome.  Our anniversary is in eleven days and Thanksgiving is in three less than that, but we still haven't made any concrete plans.  I'm only not stressing about it because I keep forgetting that it's next week.  Mental note to make plans tomorrow.

I'm really behind on the whole thankful thing people are doing for the month of November, so let's just get caught up with that, shall we?

1.  Jesus.  So thankful for eternal mercy and grace.

2.  Bobby Gene Pevehouse.  There are no words for how grateful I am for that man and all that he adds to my life.  He still thinks I'm pretty and his kisses still make me fuzzy-headed.

3.  Joshua Allen Pevehouse.  So thankful that God chose me for him.  He is the sweetest of sweet boys.

4.  Caleb Brant Pevehouse.  Thankful for his precious laugh and sense of humor.  And that his labor and delivery were so easy.

5.  Electricity.  Being a pioneer woman would have been extra hard.  I'd be all like, "I'm so excited to watch  my favorite television program.  Oh wait, that hasn't been invented yet.  Guess I'll go chop some more firewood so we can take our hot bath for the week."

6.  Food.  We take for granted the options for food we have.  Nothing sounded good to me tonight so I still haven't eaten dinner.  And I had a pot of roast, potatoes, and carrots on the stove.  It's a luxury to be picky.

7.  My Jeep.  It's difficult living where we do and not having personal transportation.  We are very blessed to have two vehicles.

8.  Music.  Really, I always start to sound dramatic when I talk about how much I love music, but I actually love music that much.  There is nothing that articulates human emotion better.

9.  The Bible.  I don't know where I would be without the Word.  Never has there been or will there be a more firm rock of foundation.  Without those promises I would have crumbled a long time ago.

10.  My bed.  Another thing us Americans like to complain about.  I could be sleeping on the ground but I think I'll gripe about how my pillow-top mattress is too soft.  So grateful for that big bed.

11.  My house.  Same point.  Thankful for a roof over my head.

12.  The Internet.  I hate it a lot but it has been such a lifeline since Joshua's diagnosis.  Not to mention I would never have become friends with the "someone" I talked about earlier.

13.  Friends.  Talk about lifeline.  My friends are the same as family to me.

14.  Family.  All of them.  Family is our root system.  They keep us grounded and from getting blown over.

What are some things you're thankful for?  I'll be back with the next week's worth in a couple of days.